Video: Hania Aamir harassed by fans in Gujranwala

Video: Hania Aamir harassed by fans in Gujranwala
Photo: Instagram/@haniaheheofficial

The famous actress of Pakistani showbiz industry, Hania Aamir, faced harassment from her fans in Gujranwala, the video of which went viral on social media.

According to the details, actress Hania Aamir went to participate in an event organized in Gujranwala 3 days ago, the video of which is viral on social media. In the viral video, it can be seen that “the actress was mobbed by a mob on her way back from the event, after which the actress was harassed by her fans”. According to reports on social media pages, her fans A large crowd had gathered outside the event venue before the end of the event and Hania was waiting to catch a glimpse of Aamir. As soon as Hania came out, her fans surrounded her and wanted to take selfies with her, while a few People started shouting at her, after which a storm of misbehavior broke out at the place. But the timely action of the actress’s guards helped her to leave the place safely.

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