“I am such a big fan of Salman Khan that I used to buy his cards as a child”, Humaima Malick

big fan of Salman Khan said Humaima Malick
Photo: Instagram/@humaimamalick

Famous Pakistani actress Humaima Malick shared various experiences regarding her personal life while giving an interview through Instagram Live.

According to the details, actress Humaima Malick shared various experiences regarding her personal life while giving an interview to Indian journalist Faridoon Shehryar through Instagram live video. About her mental state, Hamaima said, “People think that I am Hamaima Malick, but you can also be depressed from the heart. If someone asks how you are? Or if someone says that I am with you, believe me.” “He started working at the age of 14, not even being able to enjoy his childhood,” said Humaima Malick. During the interview, Humaima Malick said that “all these things made me lose the Humaima inside me. Our parents do not understand, but if the parents understand at the right time, the heart is not empty.” Humaima said that “those six are siblings and he supported all his siblings”.

Talking about her mental condition, the actress said that “the emptiness of the heart is not good”. She said that “sometimes the mental condition becomes so bad that the heart does not even want to get up from the bed”. Said that “One of their problems is that they do not get sleep. Humaima called those who sleep of their own accord the most fortunate because they do not fall asleep when they want to. How empty they are inside.

In the interview, on the journalist’s question, “Which character is closest to you, that of Daru in Mulajt or that of Zainab in Bol?” In response to which Humaima said that “Zainab’s role is closest to her”. “During the sets of Bol, they were getting divorced,” he said. Humaima said that “she was worried, so Shoaib Mansoor said that you have two ways, it is your choice which door you will open”.

Actress Humaima Malik said that she is a big fan of Salman Khan. He said that “in his childhood, he used to save one rupee in his pocket money for school and buy Salman Khan’s cards”. Humaima revealed that “when she and her brother Feroze Khan met Salman Khan in London. In this meeting, they told Salman Khan that I bought your cards with my own pocket money”. To which Salman Khan replied, “Do you want to receive that money from me now?”

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