Renowned Pakistani Comedian Ismail Tara Passed Away

Renowned Pakistani Comedian Ismail Tara Passed Away
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Renowned stage and TV actor Ismail Tara passed away. According to private TV 24 News, the family members say that Ismail was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Tarakarachi for three days. Family members say that Ismail Tara’s kidneys had failed, Ismail Tara was shifted to ventilator this morning.

Pakistan’s famous comedian Ismail Tara died in Karachi yesterday at the age of 73, according to his son Shiraz Tara, the funeral prayer will be offered today after Friday prayers.

According to the private TV channel “Express News”, Ismail Tara was suffering from kidney disease and was being treated in a private hospital for a few days. He was survived by his creator, Jamle. The deceased is survived by a widow, a daughter and 4 sons. According to Shiraz Tara, the son of Ismail Tara, the funeral prayer of the deceased will be offered at the Memon Hill Mosque on Shaheed Millat Road today. .

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