ICC T20 World Cup Final is Likely to be Affected by Rain

ICC T20 World Cup Final is Likely to be Affected by Rain
Photo: Twitter/@ICC

The final of the T20 World Cup is expected to be affected by rain, according to the Australian Meteorological Department, there is a 95% chance of rain on the occasion of the final on Sunday, while rain is also predicted on Monday.

According to the details, rain is expected on the occasion of the T20 World Cup final scheduled in Melbourne on Sunday.

The Pakistan team has qualified for the final, while the other team will be decided after the semi-final between India and England in Adelaide today.

According to the playing conditions of the World Cup, if the final or semi-finals are affected by rain, the competition will continue on the reserve day, but according to the forecast of the Australian Meteorological Department, the weather is not much better on Monday and there is a ninety-five percent chance of rain.

ICC says their first priority is to complete the match on the scheduled day.

According to the tournament rules, at least ten innings, ten overs must be played for the match to be considered complete.

If the game is not played at all due to rain, then both the finalist teams will be declared joint winners.

It should be noted that three matches were canceled in Melbourne due to rain, while the result of one match was obtained on the Duckworth method, but it is said that the Australian weather does not take long to change its color.

In the Super 12 stage, there was a forecast of rain even before the India-Pakistan match, but at that time the weather was clear and the final was played in full.

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